I will obey the strictest law of love

I will obey the strictest law of love
As if I dealt with cherubim above.
I will accept no half gift from my friend
By which he thinks for hate to make amend.
But every friendly thought
Will come to me unbought
My friend may do whate'er he will
And I shall love him
If he doth it from love.
But let him do whateer he will
I think that I must hate him still
If lower motives move.

I love not all
I love not one alway
But that I love is one & all
And lasteth ever and aye.

I will leave him I hate
And cleave to him I love
I will forsake my earthly mate
And seek my mate above.

Though my friends are dull and cold
I will be quick and warm.
Though their love groweth old
Mine shall be new born

Though they understand me not
I shall be understood
Though by them I am forgot
Not therefore by the good.
My friend can wound me
For to him I bare my breast—
But his wounds save me
From a foe's embrace
But these are honorable scars
And fit the wounded heart for Love's more glorious wars.

These wounds are not fatal though inflicted on the heart
For the heart's not less a vital than a mortal part.
Unlike the inferior part
The wounded heart
Is not repaired with wood
But by fresh currents from above
Which fit it for a purer love
For all that's true & beautiful & good.
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