On Lady Matilda Stewart's Marriage

L AST in these favour'd ranks of Hymen's train
Matilda wears the myrtle's hallow'd chain.
Perhaps a Hermit's musing visions fail
To bind in Zephyr's hand the Summer's gale;
Else he could promise to so match'd a pair
Love at the heart, and spirits light as air.
I warn'd her against pride; — but when like this,
It is the Fairy's wand of nuptial bliss —
Pride in the rank that Love has made his own,
For sense and virtue are a scepter'd throne.
But listen, dear Matilda , once again
To the old Hermit's monitory vein:
Oh, live to vindicate the lip that smil'd
When it could proudly call thee Fanny's Child ;
May that inspiring name its bloom renew,
And " Fanny's daughter " be Matilda's too;
A lov'd resemblance from oblivion free,
In copies to be made — by Love and thee .
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