The Lover's Complaint

Bright Sun! that flaming through the midday sky
Fillest with light heaven's blue, deep-vaulted arch,
Say, hast thou seen in thy celestial march
One hue to rival this blue tranquil eye?
Thou Summer Wind, of soft and delicate touch
Fanning me gently with thy cool, fresh pinion,
Say, hast thou found in all thy wide dominion,
Tresses of gold that can delight so much?

Moon, honor of the night! Thou glorious choir
Of wandering Planets and eternal Stars!
Say, have ye seen two peerless orbs like these?
Answer me, Sun, Air, Moon, and Stars of fire—
Hear ye my woes, that know no bounds nor bars?
See ye these cruel stars, that brighten and yet freeze?—
Author of original: 
Fernando de Herrera
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