A Madame de St. LT

Age has been call'd " a Vale of Years ; "
Life , at the best, a Vale of Tears ;
Love , as December nights advance,
At least has parted with romance;
But St. L — — — t a charm has found
That Spring has to the Winter bound:
Upon his furrow'd cheek a tear
No more has clos'd the passing year.
For this, her gift — a Fairy's boon —
Is my commission from the Moon;
Prophetic is the potent spell —
I am its Wizard, and foretell :
The Regent , by an Act of State,
Shall E****d's trophies reinstate;
Though it 's half-impious to complain
When Love 's in the domestic reign.
But in the sun, or in the shade,
Your planet shall be undecay'd;
And you shall both together sing ,
With pride of heart, on Pleasure's wing:
A turf shall mark the Hermit's bed,
On which no tear that Love can shed
Shall reach in fame, that never dies,
The pearl from Julia's brilliant eyes.
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