I cry and break down a lot
I lie and say I'm okay when I'm really not
I reminisce and look at my wrist at all the scars I've got
When you took my mother at 10 months the heartache started
God bless the souls of ALL the dearly departed
Please tell me is my child up there?
You taking her still doesn't seem fair
I get depressed and won't come out for days
God forgive me for my vengeful ways
Daddy beat me I blamed myself
The pills and therapy, I tried to get some help
Ended putting my heart back on the shelf
Violated and Raped in my own home
No family so I'm use to being alone
I tried to make it right and take my life
But I guess you said the time just wasn't right
So I tried not to lose my mind
I think true love is just too hard to find
People pretend to care
They talk but I'm not really there
So stressed out I'm really losing hair
Another crying spell
This is a living hell
Try chasing a check while fighting your demons
Been begging you to give my life some meaning
The pain had me addicted to sipping and leaning
Why does life feel like it's been rehearsed?
Live to die to be put in a hurse?
Lord My soul hurts
Once upon a time I wore my heart on my shirt
I'm not innocent I have done my dirt
I was the black sheep I was mischief
If you take me now I wouldn't miss this
Hole in my heart Lord help me fix it
Another panic attack, another crying spell
God Why does my life on Earth feel like a living hell?



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