1. The Birth Of Flowers

When the snowdrops play in the night
The moon is born within the stars.
The Secret Letters of the Roots
When the branches read to the parrots
Breeze and raindrops are postmen.
Living in darkness all day
Shades of leaves like a blind
Guards the beautiful sculpture of pollen.
Into a cone-like womb
When baby Boo breathes
Bees come and sing in the flower's ears.
In a time when the sounds of the ages are silent
I hear the cry of a child.
I open the door and look towards the garden.
A flower laughs as a child blooming on a stem.

2. The Lives Of Flowers

Flowers laugh like a poem;
Flowers cry like a novel.
Many lakhs of leaves belong to me;
Thunder and lightning are my enemies.
Humans laugh at me beautifully;
Sometimes they pinch my cheek.
They name me as they like.
My face darkens when the sun rises;
My face shines when the moon comes.
I'll be a soldier in the fall.
In spring I become a haiku.
In the pleasures and sufferings of Humans
Just because I am a flower
They are killing me without my consent.
I am the living flower that laughs and cries dumbly
In which court to file the case
I lie in the trash without knowing that.
It's not just flowers that are littered; It's just a life.

3. The Death Of Flowers

Near to the tombs of the spiders
Each day an earthworm lights a candle.
A funeral procession of dead poems in autumn,
Every second passes through the forest of thorns.
That the mother who fed us is dead,
Bees' throats dry up.
That my friends whom I met yesterday are missing,
Even butterflies shed tears for flowers.
Beautiful paintings float in the sewer flood;
Yet some aesthetics are rotting going.
A sculptor named Wind comes and
Searches for the sculpture.
Wind deduces a truth that the mind refuses to accept.
Souls of flowers without formal mausoleums,
Crushed beneath Humans sandal feet.



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