Sadness, despair, depression, madness
Are the words that entrap my mind when looking at the bland brown house.
The one house with all grey walls.
The one with the single tan car going back and fourth.
The one where even when we exited our drought, no bright flowers began to sprout.
The one that belongs to a dear Ms. Sky.

My new job started normal, until I met my boss - Ms. Sky.
After that the day was complete utter madness.
Nothing still has yet to sprout.
At Ms. Sky’s house.
I was meant to be at her office first, but I ended up being fourth.
Then at the end security intervened when I leaned against the freshly painted walls.

After work I decided to try and talk more to Ms. Sky, and about more than just her Grey walls.
My first step was going to the office party with Ms. Sky.
We competed in the relay race and she got fourth.
I had tried to talk to her during the bull madness.
I concluded trying to talk to her was best done at my house.
Cause I want casual talk not work talk to sprout.

It’s been a week and I’ve learned her name “Sara”, and this morning orange flowers have begun to sprout.
It’s been two weeks and I was walking outside and there’s pretty pink pebbles by the walls.
It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve found a colorful gnome outside her house.
It’s been 4 weeks and I no longer call her Ms. Sky.
It’s been a month and we spent all day painting her walls a new color, which was quite messy and madness.
It’s been a month and a half and Sara invited me to dinner with her family on the fourth.

It’s been two months and me and Sara are going car shopping on the fourth.
I think there’s a romance that is starting to sprout.
Unless that’s just me and my madness.
Sara seems to have a few walls
To guard herself, she has everyone call her Ms. Sky.
She won’t stay at my house.

She told me her home used to be her parents house.
She said he’s passed and no relatives have come fourth.
That her mother’s maiden name was Ms. Sky.
That after they passed depression had rapidly reared its head and negative thoughts had sprout.
That she’d spend her days staring at her walls.
So she didn’t paint them or change them, or add color cause it would create madness.

It’s been 2 years of chaos, madness, adornment, and happiness in our colorful house.
We’re adding some cuddles and cries  in our walls as we expect a little girl on December fourth.
It’s no longer the house that after a drought it wouldn’t sprout, and I don’t regret lighting it up, and jumping into the madness of Ms. Sky.



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