God forbid if something terrible happens and I lose my eyesight.
I would miss the smile on my mother's face shining with glow and always bright.
My brothers would have tears in their eyes seeing me like this,
and would never indulge in a friendly fight.
My world would be in darkness though there would be light.
I won't be able to take lonely walks on the streets, would require help by plight.

I always wanted to marry the prettiest girl on Earth, alas won't be able to see her face.
Though won't be able to see, but feel her warmth and grace.
Would miss how her neck adorns when she wears a necklace.

My wife would give birth, what a folly I will be able to hear the cry,
but not the face of my child.
I would be happy but I won't be shouting like wild.
I won't be able to find out whether he resembles me or like his mom is styled.

My Mom is my heaven on Earth.
She has a halo on her face, can recognise in a crowd of millions,
but without my eyes I would keep trying and she won't be searched.




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