Have you ever been to the blue tattooed bar?
Not too far from broken hearted boulevard?
You're welcome to come
But unwelcome to leave.
The bartender can lure you to concede.

Some truly think it's heaven.
And others think it to be hell.
You have a choice of accolades.
Either let the past rest
Or have the demons dwell.

You can drink the souls of the departed.
Spill your blood to strangers & cold hearted.
Or wear your heart
On your sleeve.
For everyone to eat.

Share your fears over peanuts
As the gallery is your judgment.
Lay your hands
On strangers.
Then pretend you are god sent.

Pray to god there's an exit.
But here hope is not best.
Drown in a seat
at the mahogany bar.
Let go of your demons put the wicked to rest.

There are truths to engage.
And puzzles to unlock.
Where the line is drawn is uncertain?
Who’s the leader? 
Who’s the flock?

Soon you will see clear
Truly you will like it here.
It is a personal journey.
So go where you want
But don’t go there.

The more friends you have.
The more you have to lose.
It's an inevitable emotional insecurity.
You're either the seeker
Or the muse.



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