Listen not to the words of envious,
and give no chance for the devil,
because devil is an open enemy
to mankind, and his aim is to destroy
every good deeds.

Let awake your spirit of love and
give no chance for discourages of mind.
For the one who love you so much is your
soulmate. Therefore, get hold of him,
so that he may not run away from you.
And let your hands be join with his,
so that you may becomes one forever.

And never you mind the situation of time,
as you met him in the middle of night,
where his image is covering by the darkness.
For tomorrow morning is yet to come,
where the light of he, whom does not
recognize during the night, shall
surely rise and shine.

The likeness of his light shall bring
pleasure to many hearts, and at the same
time, beyond the imagination's of others.
His brightness shall shine round the world
and overcome many darkness. Therefore,
clear away the anxiety...
For tomorrow shall surely bright!



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