The Mistriss


If e're passion in hopes of refining Delight
Shall engage me beyond the Amour of a Night
To seek dearer Arms, and a faithfuller kiss,
May it [be] for such Charms, such a Mistriss as this.
May her Face and her Mind to alure me conspire
And what one begun may the other raise higher,
Relenting her Nature and moving her Air
With Eyes of Desire to keep Hearts from Despair.


May She neither be easy, nor yet too severe,
But with Handsome Resistance her Yeilding endear,
By Winning Delays, pleasing Hope lead along,
And her Honnour grow weak, as my passion grows Strong,
Till soft to the Flame all the rigour remove,
Till she melt in a fusion of pleasure and Love,
To make me rejoyce that I once did complain,
To requite for the Stay and to pay for the pain.


When thus she is mine, may she be mine alone,
And want in Return to have me all her own,
Not vain of her Power, or Quick to Distrust,
May her prudence and Faith teach her Swain to be just,
May all her Endearments discover her Heart
From the smile when we meet, to the sigh when we part,
While ravish'd I see in each Look of her Eye
She for me would live, and she with me could die.


May she know to suit Love, in his every way,
To Languish, to Toy, to be eager and Gay.
In the Hours of Delight may she nothing forbear
That can Pleasure impart, or can Pleasure Declare,
Yet sometimes sweet blushes should follow to tell
The Wanton asham'd of her Loving so well
Till warm'd by a Kiss she in Whisper confess
She may Love too well, but she would not Love less.


In Public may no loose Demeanor betray
The Freedom she loves, and the Game she does play,
Yet nothing constrain'd least I learn to beleive
She has cunning to Feign and a Will to deceive,
But all her behaviour let Decency guide
Enrich'd by such worth, and good Humour beside,
That the World may not see, or not censure her Flame
But so much find to praise that they nothing dare blame.


To ennoble the rest may she Friendship adjoyn
And the Play of her Love have no under design,
Whilst easy and safe in the down of her Breast
May my Secrets all sink, and my Cares may all rest,
Thus may she be all a fond Heart can require,
Have much to Esteem, and yet more to Desire,
Then blest in her Arms, perhaps I may find
That a Woman can give more than halfe Womankind.
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