My Ain Heart Love Is Thine

My ain heart love is thine
If I'd the mair to spare
Love thoughts are pure as heaven divine
They're Truth and naething mair
And thine is truth or has been sae
Till parting made us twain
The spring that makes the grasses grow
Will sure come green again

Thy voice will come a shorter way
Than e'er it did of yore
For we've been married many a day
And coyness now is o'er
Ive wiped the gold dust frae thy shoe
As we clomb the King Cup hill
And brush'd thy new gown often too
And I felt no kind of ill —

To see and only just to see
Those bubbies shaking oer
Your stays as white as curds they be
Till I dare look no more
When I come by your pleasant town
I'll whisper what loves hid sae long
And walk the knob weed pasture brown
And kiss thee as we walk along —

And will it be at Christmas time
Or will it be at Spring
In winter or when flowers are prime
Love is a pleasing thing
The pasture seats are made for rest
We'll sit at eventide
And then I'll kiss thy snowy breast
And nestle by thy side

And think upon love days gone by
How beautiful they past
Yet nothing shines in loves bright sky
Sae lovely as the last
To kiss and say farewell and then
To kiss sae loathe to part
Then say fare well agen — and then
Stay on till forced to start

And when were auld and past the waurk
We'll may be scant o grace
But gie wa to the younger foulk
And let em take our place
To teach them best the means o grace
Teach truth and naething mair
We'll let the childer tak our place
And yoke the kind afore
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