My Love


My Love is like a pleasant thought
A first flower of the May
My Love she is a charm unbought
Young, beautiful and gay
My Love she is a dream of joy
More living than a dream
A sweetness nothing would destroy
The sunlight i' the stream
My Love is all and more than these
A pleasant thought that's born to please.


Than summer flowers her face more sweet
Than morning dews her eye more clear
Here hedge-rose and wild woodbines meet
In them I pay her worship here
Wild woodbines streaky hues o' red
Hedge-roses blushing fleshy hue
Carnations glowing in their bed
My Love's as fair and sweet and true
My Love's a thought of more than these
To charm in secret witcheries.


Sweet pleasant thoughts and happy dreams
My lovers more o' womans kin
She's even sweeter than she seems
And o' her heart is warm within
Warm as the smile upon her lip
Warm as the turtle in its nest
As nectar which the wild bees sip
As moles upon her bonny breast
Sweeter than all these visions prove
Is her I worship in first Love.
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