My love is fair and bonny

My love is fair and bonny
Red flowers are in her gown
'Tis fine and bright as ony
And a comb is in her crown
A comb o' Tortoieshell
Her hair is brown and long
Its lapped up choice and well
And plaited in a thong
Her neck is white and fair
And dark brown is her hair.


She's like a bunch of lilies
There's a mole upon her breast
And a bed of daffodilly's
Is not more richly dresst
A sattin gown on Sunday's
The like on't ne'er were seen
And a cotton gown on Monday's
With sprigs of bonny green
Her form is fine and fine her clothes is
Her cheeks a bunch of province roses.


I love my love with silent love
The secreter the dearer
Her choicest place is heaven above
And there I shall be near her
I'll love her in those scenes of bliss
As Eve & Adam's daughter
For there Love lives in spite of this
Like streams of living water
And there I'll wait my love to seek
In sundays sattins all the week.
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