My Love She Was a Gipsey O

My love she was a Gipsey O
The brown and bonny Gipsey O
She fortunes told from town to town
And sometimes she got tipsey O
Her face was brown as is the ground
Her eyes are two eclipses
The sun is fixed the rest go round
She's the sun O' the gipseys O.

A gipsey lass my love was born
Among the heaths furze bushes O
More fair than Lady's on the lawn
Whose song is like the thrushes O
Like links O' snakes her inky hair
The dandy beau she kisses O
Her face round as an apple fair
She blisters where she kisses O.

Her ancle slim as lady's zone
A mill post swells the calf o't
Her merry heart might be my own
Could I but steal the half O't
My love she is a gipsey O
A brown and bonny gipsey O
What e'er betide the life to come
I'll ne'er forsake my gipsey O.
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