Nelly Giles

O Nelly Giles o Nelly Giles
I canna rest i' sleep
I wander over gates & stiles
& over rivers deep
Your face it is sae sweet to see
Sae rich the rosey smiles
Ye've often made a fool o' me
My charming Nelly Giles.

The summer is a luscious flower
& sae is Nelly Giles
The clover bottles makes the hour
Sae sweet frae stile to stile
Down paths that gae accross the fields
Bean flowers smell sweet & smile
But nae ane thing sic pleasure yields
As a walking Nelly Giles.

The water like the bright sun smiles
In white thorns linnets sing
& yonder wanders Nelly Giles
A lily by the spring
The clover bottles luscious smiles
The cowslip by the way
But ten times over Nelly Giles
Is handsomer then they.

Sweet Nelly Giles sweet Nelly Giles
Is sweeter then the rose
That on the white thorn hedges smiles
In summer times repose
The sma' white lily by the well
The bell flower by the stile
Looks nothing in their dress so well
As charming Nelly Giles.

There is an eye there is a look
That wins by choicest smile
You cannot find it i' the brook
But ony Nelly Giles
O Nelly Giles thou pink o' May
& summertime o' smiles
I think about thee every day
Thou charming Nelly Giles.
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