The New Year

God gives to you another year,
A year of hours and days;
And as you face its unseen tasks
And face its unknown ways,
Lo! every hour some treasure holds,
And every day new joy unfolds.

A fragment of eternity
In which to gain and give;
So many days and weeks and months
To love and laugh and live.
What shall those minted moments buy?
How will you spend them as they fly?

They come all wrapped in silver morns,
That shade to golden noons,
Tied round with strings of jeweled stars,
Or sealed with mellow moons;
If one bring cloudy skies and rain,
A rainbow follows on its train.

So all that comes of seeming ill,
And all that you deem good
Are but God's precious thoughts of love
When rightly understood.
Another year all fresh and new
This is His loving gift to you.
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