O'er Scotland's vales and mountains high


O'er Scotland's vales and mountains high
I've tented sheep and herded kye
Where every bush and every tree
Was health and happiness to me
The mountain rills ran to the sea
A sunday song of harmony
And every day on hills and dales
'Twas harmony in all her vales


The sea-waves, and the ocean spray
The river shining far away
The cataract bursting o'er the rock
In silver foam with thunder shock
Where Scotlands scenes and Scotlands pride
And in my boyhood deified
I lov'd them all and every fame
That wore the tartan of its name


I love her rivers and her floods
Her mountains valleys, and her woods
I love her heaths of goss and heather
Her mountains mists and cloudy weather
The spreading hills all dark wi' kye
The muircocks where they wirring fly
Scotland I love thy every scene
Thy Bannockburn and Bonny Jean
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