Oh Caradora

O Caradora bonny maid
I'll never have my will o thee
To speak thy name I'm half afraid
And why I have no eyes to see
I've felt thy love and bore the blame
Thy two rich eyes were life to me
But never can I see the shame
Or feel it sin in loving thee.

Thy big bright eye thy happy smile
Is heaven and I know the place
No meaner joy can me beguile
While I am gazeing on thy face
How sweet her ancles and her legs
Her lips were coral streaked with light
Her neck was white as ring doves eggs
More white recedeing out of sight.

O' Caradora lovely girl
May I be thine and If I may
I'll give thee chains o' gold and pearl
And pay thee worship night and day
I'll love thee sweet and bonny girl
And winna gie a chance away
Better than diamonds gold and pearl
And love thee ever and for aye.
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