Prayer in the Desert


Almighty, omnipotent — dweller on high
Protector of earth and its dwellers — thine eye
Can look on this desert and bid it appear
As green as fresh pastures at spring of the year
And bid the earth's fatness bring food at command
And refill the cruise that is dry as the sand
Almighty omnipotent — dweller in bliss
Thy will has the power — and thy power can do this


Our food is exhausted — the cruises are dry
But thou art almighty — thy power can supply
Abundant for few — and sufficient for all
Alli our father let charity fall
While earth is our mother leave nature our friend
And this bare arid desert abundance shall send
This desert of sand shall produce from thine eye
Of food and of water sufficient supply

Thou God of Mahomet thou father of all
Near hell and destruction on Alla we call
We bow to the sand in our faith not in fear
For God in the word of his prophet is here
We pray in the faith of Mahomet and trace
The desert of sand as thy own dwelling place
Almighty omnipotent hear us, and send
Supply to our wants, and our prophet defend
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