Ps 113

Ye who ye Ld of host adore
O praise his name alone
O send his praises to ye skyes
Untill they reach his throne
his throne who's ever ever blest
Whose great whose holy name
still great still holy will endure
Who ever is ye same
Morning & night letts praise yt god
Who gave us morn & night.
Above all thinges yt are he is
Above ye heav'ns his might
tell of his mercy humbleness
yt tho so high he be
yet he will stoop to mind such poor
such wretched things as we
Tell of his Justice too yt from
A mean & lowly state
ye poor & innocent he does
among ev'n princes sett
Those who with barreness were curst
he blesses wth increase,
That happy thus in all they wish
They might his goodness praise.

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