Remember Dear Mary

Remember dear Mary love cannot deceive
Loves truth cannot vary dear Mary believe
You may hear and believe it believe it and hear
Love could not deceive it those features so dear
Believe me dear Mary to press thy soft hand
Is sweeter than riches in houses and Land.

Where I pressed thy soft hand at the dew fall o' eve
I felt the sweet tremble that cannot deceive
If love you believe in Belief is my love
As it lived once in Eden ere we fell from above
To this heartless this friendless this desolate earth
And kept in first love Immortality's birth

T'is there we last met I adore thee and love thee
There's nothing beneath thee around thee above thee
I feel it and know it I know so and feel
If your love cannot shew it mine cannot conceal
But knowing I love I feel and adore
And the more I behold—only love thee the more.
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