There are moments in life which are never forgot,
Which brighten and brighten as time steals away;
They give a new charm to the happiest lot,
And they shine on the gloom of the loneliest day:
These moments are hallowed by smiles and by tears;
The first look of love, and the last parting given;
As the sun, in the dawn of his glory, appears,
And the cloud weeps and glows with the rainbow in heaven.

There are hours, there are minutes, which memory brings,
Like blossoms of Eden, to twine round the heart;
And as time rushes by on the might of his wings,
They may darken awhile, but they never depart:
O, these hallowed remembrances cannot decay,
But they come on the soul with a magical thrill;
And in days that are darkest, they kindly will stay,
And the heart, in its last throb, will beat with them still.

They come, like the dawn in its loveliness, now,
The same look of beauty, that shot to my soul;
The snows of the mountain are bleached on her brow,
And her eyes, in the blue of the firmament, roll:
The roses are dim by her cheek's living bloom,
And her coral lips part, like the opening of flowers;
She moves through the air in a cloud of perfume,
Like the wind from the blossoms of jessamine bowers.

From her eye's melting azure there sparkles a flame,
That kindled my young blood to ecstasy's glow;
She speaks, — and the tones of her voice are the same
As would once, like the wind-harp, in melody flow:
That touch, as her hand meets and mingles with mine,
Shoots along to my heart with electrical thrill;
'T was a moment for earth too supremely divine,
And while life lasts, its sweetness shall cling to me still.

We met, — and we drank from the crystalline well
That flows from the fountain of science above;
On the beauties of thought we would silently dwell,
Till we looked — though we never were talking of love;
We parted, — the tear glistened bright in her eye,
And her melting hand shook, as I dropped it for ever;
O, that moment will always be hovering by!
Life may frown, — but its light shall abandon me — never.
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