In Salutation to the Eternal Peace

When your lips to my hand you press
Lowly, my dear one,
A moment out of the daytime stress
Swift-snatched, my dear one,
I am a princess, and you my knight
Seeking a guerdon, armed for fight, —
(And the palace of Love looms near one!)

When we linger, while hours go by,
Where woods are lonely,
With garnet leaves and a mist-blue sky
Dream-deep and lonely,
I am a dryad that you have found
And fast to the life of mortals bound —
(Love's bonds are his young arms only!)

When your head on my shoulder lies
Weary, my true heart,
I am your mother with watchful eyes,
Dearie, my true heart;
With only a mother's passion then
For the boy so weary of strife with men, —
(For love has ever a new heart!)

When in your sheltering arms I rest
Safely, at gloaming,
I am a child on its father's breast
Hushed in the gloaming,
With all the rapture the child-hearts know,
Cradled and sung to, soft and low, —
(Love's heart is the hearth for homing!)
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