Seven Moments of Love; An Un-Sonnet Sequence in Blues

An un-sonnet sequence in Blues
1. Twilight Reverie

Here I set with a bitter old thought,
Something in my mind better I forgot.
Setting here thinking feeling sad.
Keep feeling like this I'm gonna start acting bad.
Gonna go get my pistol, I said forty-four —
Make you walk like a ghost if you bother me any more.
Gonna go get my pistol, I mean thirty-two,
And shoot all kinds o' shells into you.
Yal, here I set thinking — a bitter old thought
About two kinds o' pistols that I ain't got.
If I just had a Owl Head, old Owl Head would do,
Cause I'd take that Owl Head and fire on you.
But I ain't got no Owl Head and you done left town
And here I set thinking with a bitter old frown.
It's dark on this stoop, Lawd! The sun's gone down!

2. Supper Time

I look in the kettle, the kettle is dry.
Look in the bread box, nothing but a fly.
Turn on the light and look real good!
I would make a fire but there ain't no wood.
Look at that water dripping in the sink.
Listen at my heartbeats trying to think.
Listen at my footprints walking on the floor.
That place where your trunk was, ain't no trunk no more.
Place where your clothes hung's empty and bare.
Stay away if you want to, and see if I care!
If I had a fire I'd make me some tea
And set down and drink it, myself and me.
Lawd! I got to find me a woman for the WPA —
Cause if I don't they'll cut down my pay.

3. Bed Time

If this radio was good I'd get KDQ
And see what Count Basie's playing new.
If I had some money I'd stroll down the street
And jive some old broad I might meet.
Or if I wasn't so drowsy I'd look up Joe
And start a skin game with some chumps I know.
Or if it wasn't so late I might take a walk
And find somebody to kid and talk.
But since I got to get up at day,
I might as well put it on in the hay.
I can sleep so good with you away!
House is so quiet! . . . Listen at them mice.
Do I see a couple? Or did I count twice?
Dog-gone little mouses! I wish I was you!
A human gets lonesome if there ain't two.

4. Daybreak

Big Ben, I'm gonna bust you bang up side the wall!
Gonna hit you in the face and let you fall!
Alarm clock here ringing so damn loud
You must think you got to wake up a crowd!
You ain't got to wake up no body but me.
I'm the only one's got to pile out in the cold,
Make this early morning time to keep body and soul
Together in my big old down-home frame.
Say! You know I believe I'll change my name,
Change my color, change my ways,
And be a white man the rest of my days!
I wonder if white folks ever feel bad,
Getting up in the morning lonesome and sad?

5. Sunday

All day Sunday didn't even dress up.
Here by myself, I do as I please.
Don't have to go to church.
Don't have to go nowhere.
I wish I could tell you how much I don't care
How far you go, nor how long you stay —
Cause I'm sure enjoying myself today!
Set on the front porch as long as I please.
I wouldn't take you back if you come on your knees.
But this house is mighty quiet!
They ought to be some noise. . . .
I'm gonna get up a poker game and invite the boys.
But the boys is all married! Pshaw!
Ain't that too bad?
They ought to be like me setting here — feeling glad!

6. Pay day

This whole pay check's just for me.
Don't have to share it a-tall.
Don't have to hear nobody say,
" This week I need it all. "
I'm gonna get it cashed,
Buy me a few things.
Ain't gonna pay a cent on that radio
Nor them two diamond rings
We bought for the wedding that's
Turned out so bad.
I'm gonna tell the furniture man to come
And take back all them things we had
That's been keeping my nose to the grindstone.
I never did like the installment plan
And I won't need no furniture living alone —
Cause I'm going back to rooming and be a free man.
I'm gonna rent me a cubby-hole with a single bed.
Ain't even gonna dream 'bout the womens I had.
Women's abominations! Just like a curse!
You was the best — but you the worst .

7. Letter

Dear Cassie: Yes, I got your letter.
It come last night.
What do you mean, why I didn't write?
What do you mean, just a little spat?
How did I know where you done gone at?
And even if I did, I was mad —
Left me by myself in a double bed.
Sure, I missed your trunk — but I didn't miss you.
Yal, come on back — I know you want to.
I might not forget and I might not forgive,
But you just as well be here where you due to live.
And if you think I been too mean before,
I'll try not to be that mean no more.
I can't get along with you, I can't get along without —
So let's just forget what this fuss was about.
Come on home and bake some corn bread,
And crochet a quilt for our double bed,
And wake me up gentle when the dawn appears
Cause that old alarm clock sho hurts my ears.
Here's five dollars, Cassie. Buy a ticket back.
I'll meet you at the bus station.
Your baby,
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