Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 3. Scene 3


Misander on a Couch.

Mis . Or Nature doth not make the Beautifull,
Or takes no care for their defence once made.
Where are those now say Beauty is a Guard
Sufficient without Weapons? Curs'd Misander :
Thou hast not that felicity of ill doing
As to offend the Common way. Thou dost
Act Crimes, that thwart receiv'd Opinions,
And contradict ev'n Truths agreed upon;
So that thy facts will be hereafter urg'd
As Proofs against Positions. Wretched Man!
If any shall hereafter strive t' express
A Mortall Malice, let him only say,
His Hate's as dangerous, as Misander 's Love.
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