Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 3. Scene 5


To him a Boy in the habit of a Virgin . Leucasia
discover'd in a Chair, and Euthalpe by her .

Mis. I know, for my sake, that she hates all Men;
Who're therfore Miserable 'cause she hates them.
So that I've brought a Curse o'r half the world
By this one single Action. Prethee sing,
And try if in this habit thou canst wooe
Her weary thoughts into a gentle slumber.

Song. Boy.

Seal up her Eyes, O Sleep, but flow
Mild, as her Manners, too and fro:
Slide soft into her, that yet shee
May receive no wound from thee.
And ye, present her thoughts, O Dreams,
With hushing winds, and purling streams,
Whiles hovering silence sits without,
Carefull to keep disturbance out.
Thus seize her, Sleep, thus her again resign,
So what was Heavens gift, wee'l reckon thine.
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