Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 4. Scene 3


Timophilus, Patacion, Cleodemus, Scedasus; They
are met by Eudemus .

Tim . Most opportunely met, Eudemus ; you
I know desire the common good, and never
Had a particular Interest that did
Run cross to that.
Eud . What is your Lordships meaning?
Cleo . If you'l preserve the Liberty of your City,
There is a way now profer'd you: Misander
Desires your Daughter.
Eud . Very likely Sir,
He hath a mind to wound her once again.
'Tis as the Sea looks smooth upon the Shipwrack'd,
He doth entice but for a second Booty.
Tim . 'Tis in the way of Marriage, honestly:
That he may make amends for this his wrong.
Eud . Joyn her to him? I'l joyn her first unto
A lustfull Satyr; I am sure the knot
Will be more innocent.
Cleo . You do mistake:
His Flames are now as chaste, as erewhile foul.
Hee's carefull of Succession.
Eud . Heav'n avert
The Prodigy! A Tyrant, and love honesty?
Doth the great Rank and Line of Nephews now
Present it self to his Ambition?
I'l give her to my Slave first.
Sced . Do not thwart
The publike good with a particular spleen.
Pat . Hear Reason, good Eudemus .
Eud . Will you speak it?
Pat . It is not his Sute only, 'tis ours too;
Your City asks it; there's a greater good
Preparing for us than your Anger sees.
Do not provoke those Evils, that are now
About to settle.
Eud . If he hath a mind to't,
I'l condiscend on this Condition
Hee'l promise hee'l not kill her the next Morning.
Tim . That should be buried now.
Eud . Do what you will,
My Title's least unto her now shee's publike.
Cleo . 'Twill be the more by losing of her thus.
Tim . Let's to Misander , hee'l receive this News
With as much joy, as if another Kingdom
Were added to his Scepter by a Conquest.
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