Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 4. Scene 9


To them Nicias .

— — Faith if thou hast a mind, good Painter, to
Our Chambermaid Elpidia , cause I see thee
Hanker so oft about our house here, tell me;
I'l do thee all the good I can.
Nic. I thank you.
Cal. Prethee sweet Wife, abuse this busie fellow,
Put some fine trick upon him, that we may
Laugh at our Wedding: 'tis a sneaking Cockscomb.
Pyl. Nicias , because I cannot see these Nuptials;
Being so disdainfully refus'd. I prethee
Take all the shew this night in Juno's Temple,
That I may see it at the second hand.
Nic. I'l do it with that life, that you shall swear
You see the thing it self, excepting this,
That you hear nothing spoken.
Pyl. Thou'lt be secret:
I would not have it known.
Nic. I'l stand behind
Some Pillar, or some Image, none shall see me.
Pyl. This night's Misander 's Hymen, the next — —
Nic. — Ours.
Pyl. So! I applaud my Wit for this my project:
Were not my Beauty such, that yet would be
Enough to recommend me to the Throne,
To be sure then I have two Stratagems,
If that Misander should not drink the Potion
I gave Eudemus , ere he go to th' Temple,
This yet may dash the Marriage; and Leucassa
That bold Usurpress of my Bed shall miss
Of being saluted Queen to night howe'r.
And it will be one comfort to my Fate,
If none b'advanc'd whom I may emulate.
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