Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 5. Scene 2

ACT . V. S CEN . II.

To him Pyle .

Pyl. Come,
Make haste; conduct m', Eudemus ; sleeps Misander?
Hath he drunk deep and largely?
Eud. Hatefull Woman!
If thou hast any poison here about thee
Beside thy malice, doe one deed of Charity;
Infuse it into me: Shew here the vigor
Of that thy damned Art. Vile Sorceresse!
Look me to death: for every glance of thine
Should carry Fate with it. Thou'rt slack, when that
Thou shouldst bestow it where it is deserv'd.
'Twas ready to destroy an innocent Virgin.
Pyl. What? hath Leucasia dranke it then?
Eud. I'm sorry
Thou liv'st to aske the question, that thou dost not
Augment the number of the Furies, comming
A Plague ev'n unto them.
Pyl. Be not so passionate,
My good Eudemus ; take my Counsell with you,
If that your Daughter hath drank it her self,
Remove all Company from her whatsoever.
Let not Misander see her for a world.
I will secure her life: it will not work
To death, these two days yet: I've that will cure her.
Eud. Sweet Pyle pardon what my rage hath scatter'd:
I have not leisure now excuse my Fury.
For Heavens sake along with me unto her.
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