Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 5. Scene 3


Leucasia discover'd sleeping, Misander,
Cleodemus, Timophilus, Patacion, Scedasus,
Epigenes, Terpander, Euthalpe .

Mis. Is it still death if I begin to love?
Euth. And can I live if she begin to dye?
To tear mine hair is Womanish; to forerun
And lead the way t' Elyzium but a duty
She would not thank me for: if that some God,
Envious of honest fires, hath destin'd ruine
Unto this fairer Altar where they burn,
I'l see it be demolish'd decently,
And then my self fall the last Sacrifice.
Mis. Call for some Musick one of you; perhaps
That may infuse a Peace into her Senses:
Her Soul, I'm sure, s'awake. I would this kiss
Could suck out all the Poyson that torments thee.
Euth. Hold! have you so forgot her sacred Dictates?
There is more Reverence due unto her Fate.
Had you gone so far now as to embrace.
Love would have told her in the other world,
And so your Spirits had been divorc'd for ever.
Mis. Pardon, Euthalpe ; Griet transported me.
Why do not Plants desert their Native soyl?
And powerfull Herbs put on new Motion, coming
Unforc'd unto her help? Nature, thou shouldst
Be factious to restore her: I accuse thee;
Where are thy Vertues? where thy remedies now?
Terp. 'Twere good to knock an Horseshoe on the Threshold;
'T may be that Mother Pyle hath bewitch'd her:
Truly she looks as if she were bewhatled.
Mis. Knew I but any that did mean her ill,
They should be sent to exercise their spight
'Mongst Ghosts and shadows. I'm resolv'd to watch her
Though this dull drowzie Pow'r should keep her in
His lazy chains, as long as heretofore
He kept Endymion . Sleep's become my Rivall:
He loves her too. Softly, O softly, Boy!

Song. Boy.

See how the Emulous Gods do watch
Which of them first her Breath shall catch,
Ambitious to resign their Bliss,
Might they but feed on Aire like this.
Thus here protected she doth lie
Hedg'd with a Ring of Majesty.
And doth make Heaven all her own;
Never more safe, than when alone.
Thus whiles she sleeps Gods do descend, and kiss:
They lend all other Breath, but borrow this.
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