Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 5. Scene 5


Philostratus in a Winding-sheet to perform the
Injunction of the Widdow .

Phil. I have not seen the inside of a Temple
These twelve Months til this time, & now I come
Commanded too: Hell's in this damned Widdow.
What doth she mean to make me lye in a Coffin?
I am not fit for Death, although I think
I'm very forward towards it: Somthing in
My Bones doth tell me so. But let that passe.
If Death should go to claim me now, I were
In a sweet case, he had eleven Points
O'th' Law, on's side, Possession. It would mad me
To lye Perdue i'th' Grave for a Womans pleasure.
Well, 't must be done: here lye Philostratus :
Enter a Coffin, to obtain a Carkasse.
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