Solomon's Song of Songs - Chapter 5, Part 3


The Daughters of Jerusalem .

O thou, who hast more charms ingrost,
Than all our sex beside can boast!
What charms in thy beloved dwell,
To make him other loves excel!
Describe his beauties, let us know,
Fair one, why thou adjur'st us so?

The B RIDE .

In my love's cheeks, pure white and red
In just degrees their mixture spread.
Under his standard marshal'd are
Ten thousand youths, but none so fair.
His head with finest gold is crown'd,
The gold of Fez so much renown'd:
His hair in decent curls appears,
Black as the plumes the raven wears.
His eyes, that flame with spotless loves,
Are pure and bright like those of doves,
When in clear streams their heads they wet;
They're wash'd in milk, and fitly set.
His cheeks a bed of spices are,
Or flowers, as sweet as they are fair.
His lips with balmy myrrh do flow;
Within 'em snowy lillies grow.
His hands display their lovely white,
Deck'd with gold rings and chrysolite.
His breast of polish'd ivory made,
And all with sapphirs overlaid.
His legs like marble pillars show,
In golden sockets fixt below.
His presence bears a noble air,
As Leb'non and its cedars fair.
But O how sweet his mouth doth prove!
He's all made up of charms and love!
O daughters of Jerusalem,
(Fair offspring of a noble stem)
This is my dearest! this is he
Who loves, and is belov'd of me!
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