The Larks in the sky love
The flowers on the lea
The white thorn's in bloom love
To please thee & me
Neath its shade we can rest love
& sit on the hill
& as we met last love
Enjoy the spring still.

The spring is for lovers
The spring is for joy
Oer the moor where the plovers
Wir hover & cry
We'll seek the white thorn love
& sit on the hill
On some sunny morn love
& be lover's still.

Where the partridge is craiking
From morning to e'en
In the wheatlands awaking
That sprouts young & green
Where the brook dribbles past love
Down the willowy glen
& as we met last love
Be lovers agen.

The larks in the grass love
A building her nest
& the brook runs like glass love
Neath the carrion crows nest
There the wild woodbines twine love
& till the days gone
Sun sets & stars shine love
I'll call thee my own.
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