O beautifull Sorrow
Joys shadow divine
Where day canna borrow
Nae sunbeams to shine
I think that the shadow
'Maist beats the sunbeam
Thy face it looks gladder
In sorrowfull dreams.

I think the pale shadow
Of beauty more dear
Then the beautifull blushes
Of roseys when near
Thou beautifull sorrow
How warmer & fair
Then the bunch of cold snow drops
In thy raven hair.

Thou'rt a beautifull sorrow
Of fancys & dreams
Where the gloomy tomorrow
The darkest day seems
Where the snow drops may wither
That nae sunlight can borrow
Where the sunshine come hither
My beautifull Sorrow.

With thy hair like the raven
A' glossy & black
Thy bosom o' snow drops
& bonny broad back
My luv is in shadows
Where no one can borrow
Real joy makes me sadder
My pleasure is sorrow.
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