O Elenor! O Elenor
As sweet as any rose
Thy cherry lip I would prefer
To any flower that blows
I long to kiss thee Elenor
That bonny cheek of thine
Thy cherry lip I do prefer
To all things but divine
Divinest flower save those above thee**
I choose thee bonny maid and love thee


I choose thee as a maiden fair
And sweetest of thy kind
Thy rosey cheeks thy dark brown hair
And thy good tempered mind
O Elenor O Elenor
Some mercy on me show
Thy cherry lip I would prefer
To all the flowers that blow
Before thee love I none prefer
My fairest only Elenor


My Elenor My Elenor
I love thy face the best
Love to thy dress clings like a bur
That on thy heart could rest
Of all the blooms of all the trees
Thou art the choicest flower
Without thy smiles I only freeze
Without one welcome hour
But in thy love I'm ever cheery
Then come and give me welcome deary.
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