A Song

T HIRSIS , a young and am'rous Swain,
Saw two, the Beauties of the Plain;
Who both his Heart subdue:
Gay Caelia 's Eyes were dazzling fair,
Sabina 's easy Shape and Air
With softer Magic drew.

He haunts the Stream, he haunts the Grove,
Lives in a fond Romance of Love,
And seems for each to die;
'Till each a little spiteful grown,
Sabina Caelia 's Shape ran down,
And she Sabina 's Eye.

Their Envy made the Shepherd find
Those Eyes, which Love cou'd only blind;
So set the Lover free:
No more he haunts the Grove or Stream,
Or with a True-love Knot and Name
Engraves a wounded Tree.

Ah Caelia! (sly Sabina cry'd)
Tho' neither love, we're both deny'd;
Now to support the Sex's Pride,
Let either fix the dart.
Poor Girl! (says Caelia ) say no more;
For shou'd the Swain but one adore,
That Spite which broke his Chains before,
Wou'd break the other's Heart.
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