Sweet Susan Chaplin was a maid
That I loved late & early
When down the wheatfield path we strayed
Or 'mong the shocks o' barley
O Susan Chaplin was the maid
That I loved late & early.

My Kildare's bonny Susan
With her glossy raven hair
Wi'out her theres nae chusing
Or joy or pleasure mair
Sae I loved my bonny Susan
With the glossy raven hair.

Thy eyes the mirrors brightness
Or brooks that show the sky
Thy neck the lilys whiteness
Thy lips like rubys lye
A kissing ane anither
She's the diamond in my eye.

Her cheeks are like the rosey flower
Then aiblins like the lily
She's gloomy in a lonely hour
Then tricksome as a filly
Of Kildare she's the rosey bower
& syine the snow white Lily.

Sweet Susan is the girl for me
My bright & bonny Susan
She's slender as a poplar tree
My bonny black eyed Susan
There's but ain only chusing
While I'm making love to thee.
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