Sonnet: Of his Pain from a new Love

Why from the danger did mine eyes not start, —
Why not become even blind, — ere through my sight
Within my soul thou ever couldst alight
To say: " Dost thou not hear me in thy heart?"
New torment then, the old torment's counterpart,
Filled me at once with such a sore affright,
That, Lady, lady, (I said,) destroy not quite
Mine eyes and me! O help us where thou art!
Thou hast so left mine eyes, that Love is fain —
Even Love himself — with pity uncontroll'd
To bend above them, weeping for their loss:
Saying: " If any man feel heavy pain,
This man's more painful heart let him behold:
Death has it in her hand, cut like a cross."
Author of original: 
Guido Cavalcanti
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