Thence to the gates cast round thine eye, and see

[All roads lead to Rome]

Thence to the gates cast round thine eye, and see
What conflux issuing forth, or entring in,
Pretors, Proconsuls to thir Provinces
Hasting or on return, in robes of State;
Lictors and rods the ensigns of thir power,
Legions and Cohorts, turmes of horse and wings:
Or Embassies from Regions far remote
In various habits on the Appian road,
Or on the Æmilian , some from farthest South,
Syene , and where the shadow both way falls,
Meroe Nilotic Isle, and more to West,
The Realm of Bocchus to the Black-moor Sea;
From the Asian Kings and Parthian among these,
From India and the golden Chersoness ,
And utmost Indian Isle Taprobane ,
Dusk faces with white silken Turbants wreath'd;
From Gallia, Gades , and the Brittish West,
Germans and Scythians , and Sarmatians North
Beyond Danubius to the Tauric Pool.
All Nations now to Rome obedience pay.
To Rome 's great Emperor [. . .]
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