There is a Voice I Love to Hear

There is a voice I love to hear
A form I love to meet
A face to me so very dear
A smile so very sweet
Her I love on from day to day
Through seasons past and gone
Of all the world when she's away
She seems the only one
There's no one else her place supplies
That bosom white and those bright eyes.

There is a love to me so sweet
Carnations are not half so dear
There is a maid I love to meet
The fairest blossom o' the year
The rose is nothing like her lips
No gem so bright as Biddy's eyes
The mind is ever in eclipse
That stays to listen loves replys
There is a face I love to see
Biddy's the sweetest maid to me.

She's handsomer than any flower
More sweet than pinks or peas in bloom
The love song o' the evening hour
The moonbeam in the midnight gloom
There is a voice when Biddy speaks
Which I for ever love to hear
I love to kiss her plump round cheeks
And mean to love her all the year
When Biddy's form and face I see
She's all the world and more to me.
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