They Love Not Me Beause I'm Poor

They loo na me because I'm poor I' woolen hoes and clouted shoes
For poverty there's little cure But war it ever mine to chuse
I'd chuse the maid i' russet gown And loo's simplicity
Though finer roses bluim in town The kintra maid for me

And I myself wad be na mair Then on[l]ie what I am
mans complaint is sair His breeding na' but sham
Wha' ever tuck me for a knave Wud mar opinions sarely
I've often made a foemans grave And fought for Scotlands Charley

And dear I loo the land o' bruim And the throble bluiming rarely
And when I change my hose and shoon Pray wha's the Man but Charley
Dear Scotland is my highland home When troubles press me sairly
If they're auld Scotlands bluid and bane I'm suin auld Scotlands Charley

When highland clans and lowland Men Git up and gang the gither
I'll meet them i' the cozey glen And show the princes feather
I'll meet 'em for auld scotlands sake I' rank and file set fairly
And when the Lan's at the last stake Pray wha's mysell but Charlie
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