The Walk with Love


I walk with thee and meet the spring
In most delicious weather
Birds whistle and the blossoms spring
We see and hear together
And one and the same time we see
The pale primroses bloom
The skylarks sing o'er grassy lea
And linnets in the broom
There's nothing upon earth can be
So sweet as walks with love and thee


I walk with thee, I with thee walk
We spend our Sunday hours together
Both hear the music of the bee
And butterflies in sunny weather
Both at the same time look and see
The lark ascends we see him rise
And hear him sing his melodies
A little speck in the blue skies
There's nought so sweet in summer weather
As love, and seeing things together


Both see the bloom and hear the thrush
In white thorn bushes sing his song
The blackbirds nest in the next bush
Both see the eggs then rove along
Both gaze together on the brook
See silver waves o'er pebbles run
Both read together o'er one book
Beneath green trees or in the sun
In courtship there can nothing be
So sweet as talk and love with thee.
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