We Stood beneath the Hazel Shade

We stood beneath the hazel shade
Her arms lapp'd in her apron white
And lovely look'd the peerless maid
Amid the lingering light
I would have clasped she hied away
I talked of Woman and of love
She heard all that I had to say
Her silence perhaps my love approve.

We stood the last night all away
How full of Stars the sky
No further would the maiden stray
Nor with loves suit comply
The night came on & hid all round
The moonlight scarcely shone
I round her neck my fond arm wound
For we were both alone

She silently excused my talk
I looked on her blue eye
Down by the woodside she'd not walk
I could do nought but sigh
She would not leave the hazel place
The moon did dimly shine
I love to look upon that face
And would that it were mine.
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