The Willow Shaded Lane


" The willow shaded Lane"
The spots where lovers stray
I long to see those scenes again
In this sweet month of May
I long to take her well turn'd arm
At dewy close of day
And walk the road beside the farm
Along with Susan Grey


O Susan Grey I love
Down the willow shaded lane
When the stars look bright above
And the night dews on the grain
When the night dews on the grass
And the red sun goes away
I'll meet thee my bonny lass
And love thee Susan Grey


When the lark is on her eggs
In the flaggy wheat
Brightly shines the water skeggs
And the hare is on her seat
The stars look bright again
Bright glows the milky way
And down the willow shaded lane
I'll walk wi' Susan Grey


Around her bonny breast I'll cling
And gaze upon her face
And muse upon that beautious thing
In that green and lovely place
How beautiful her drapery swims
Beneath the moonlight ray
To her my memory fondly clings
And I love Susan Grey
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