April 5/6th poems

The Mist from Hell Descends on the land

the mist settles down on the land
the mist is from hell
the mist covers us all
the scent of death

the grim reaper
rides behind the miss
infecting those around him

the mark of death
as the mist covers the land
the end of the world
comes with the mist from hell

Conversation with the Gods About Corona Virus

Rev. Jake ’s on-line sermon on the Corona Virus

april 1 to April 14 poems for April Poetry Challenge

April Poem A Thon – A Poem a Day

these poems were written for the April 2019 National Poetry month challenge sponsored by writers digest.  You can find them at All poetry and at my blog (which also has audio clips) at https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com

April 1, 2019  63 Years
63 years old 
taught me a few things

life is
to short

to carry a grudge
live and love a lot

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