The fall

Autumns here autumns here
in ecstasy of terror murmur the leaves
who could knew they where so doomed

manure are the hearts of social animal
become blind by just seeing fool's gold
twinkled the faint lights at the midnight 

harmonizing my soul's divine
fall is here to compensate the fear
what's the point to reach the stars?

when sky becomes your canvas
and your desires need evolution
but who will follow this resolution?

After Hearing the Rain

with the dew
of a heavy rain—
the scent of ozone
lingering still
a bird cries
somewhere in a nest—
her shattered child
the gate has opened—
I walk through
looking for salvation
these are the souls
who wander
the desolate streets—
I search their eyes
they do not see
in the street
after a heavy rain—
a moment of heat

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