Being Contemporary

by litcrit

These days it is wise
to be learned, certified and appointed.
You can be safe

hammering your thought.
Speak or do not. The day enrolls.
Academics, Seminarians,

professional theoreticians,
and a pack of barking dogs. You
become one, quarrelsome

who seldom bites.

"Death Rides by a Comanche Moon"

by ENahte

Upon the darkened prairie
a Comanche Moon shines,
rising from the horizon
and a swath of yellow pines.

Rousted from the tall grass
where buffaloes once roamed--
rabbits, ferrets and bobwhites
from the safety of their homes.

The ground doth tremble
and the earth doth quake.
Advancing shadows from the forest
disrupt the peaceful state.

Grasshoppers fly from their perch.
Wolf packs bound out of sight.
Something deadly stalks the prairie
shedding blood on the moon this night.

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