One Last Dance

Won't you dance with me again
And never let this sweet song end
Away from all the dark and gloom
Come to the center of the room
You missed a step, well that's okay
Keep your head up, don't drift away
And If you fall please do not worry
No one here wants us to hurry
They just want to watch in silence
Making sure we keep our balance
The violins are going slower
The atmosphere is falling lower
This cherished song's last note is near
It's sad I'll miss it all, my dear
Our steps in sync, your hand in mine

Setting Fires

In red lipstick on the dirty mirror,
I wrote,
“I love you.”
four times over.
Each letter
smaller and smaller,
Until the only left was I.
We will burn away each part of love,
You will smoke yourself out,
Until it is only I.
Left alone with neither.
And gasoline dripping down my fingers.


no one standing—
a stone path digging deep
into the woods
warm on either side
beneath the clouds that loiter
in lustful haze
she came
in moments when the sun
reflected on the glass
water and light
reflected before moving on
to another day
stretching on
the rivers render the earth
from one moment to the next
her eyes show no one
as they open and close

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