Admired you, oh yes from afar

Breathless, every time I saw you
Captured, no doubt, my heart was no contest for your pursuit
One look, that was all you gave and all I needed
Frosted icing, forming upon the thin ice I skated on
Lessons in love, one the master one the student
Obstacles, please they were but toys you taunted me with
Victorious, no doubt, the trophy was mine to win
Ending, no never ending my dear!

Perhaps Love Does Really Exist

Perhaps love does really exist, but the beings we are surrounded by don't know how
Perhaps there is no such thing as soulmates, but if you're blessed with loving someone who respects you back, you should stick with 'em
Perhaps the tides come in and then receed to show us what, if anything, will be left behind after some turbulence
Perhaps we shouldn't compare struggles, feet can manage socks and hands can manage mittens

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